Peter Andre: Andre: I want to adopt Harvey

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Peter Andre: Andre: I want to adopt Harvey

Post  Scarlet on Tue Jun 17, 2008 2:04 pm

PETER ANDRE is more than content with his lot at the moment.

Happily married, father of three young kids and a career that has outlasted many who have launched comebacks via the virtue reality TV.

But there's one thing missing, something that would make him feel complete - adopting disabled stepson, HARVEY.

The six-year-old, who is the biological son of ex-Manchester United striker DWIGHT YORKE, has effectively been brought up by Peter alongside the tot's mum and his wife - KATIE PRICE, formally known as Jordan.

However, Peter hopes to confirm Harvey - who is partially blind and has a growth disorder - as his own.

Peter said: "I'd love to adopt Harvey. If I was allowed, I would love to.

"It's a big process and not that easy. It's something I would definitely love to achieve in the next couple of years.

"He IS my son - he's mine."

In the meantime, Pete has got more than his hands full looking after Harvey and other kids JUNIOR and PRINCESS TIAMII.

However, while three children is regarded just about enough for most families, Peter predicts they'll be more future arrivals - "about seven" he reckons.

"I feel we're only half way, if that.

"All our kids, even though Harvey is six, are really under five, so when they get past that stage it gets easier.

"They all start helping each other."


And, despite reports on the contrary, Peter - who was voted Daddies Sauce Daddy Of The Year in a poll by mums this week - hopes his brood will grow up on these shores, rather than in America.

The couple have spent time in the US promoting their TV show - Katie and Peter - where the first two series' have been aired.

He told us: "I love America and they've been nice to us, but I said to Kate: 'If I was to move anywhere it would be Australia.'

"Why would we want to move to America?

"We've got England's that so good to us and yes, things could all go pear-shaped tomorrow, but chasing America is not part of chasing the dream."

The couple's trips to the US has coincided with Katie spending time with LA's top cosmetic surgeons.

In December she had her nose straightened, teeth whitened and a boob reduction - the latter paid for by Peter as a Christmas present.

But does he miss Katie's 32GG boobs that helped her cement her place as the queen of lads mags?

"No, because I am the first man that gets to be with three different women but the same woman and it's not classed as cheating," he explains.

"She had them big, then reduced them and now when she decides to have them done again, that'll be three different woman being the same woman and that's great - it's like she gets younger every time."

Peter was awarded the Daddy of the Year Award by Daddies Sauce

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