Strife imitates art for Rihanna

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Strife imitates art for Rihanna

Post  Scarlet on Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:37 pm

BATTERED Rihanna had been working on a song about murdering a cheating partner when she was hospitalised by her alleged attacker, boyfriend CHRIS BROWN.
The Umbrella singer had been collaborating with rapper AKON on a track called Emergency Room, which centres on a woman intending to wreak violent revenge on a partner who she has discovered is being unfaithful.

The 19-year-old has been in hiding since a violent altercation with Brown, in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The song, which has leaked onto the internet, features a graphic depiction of hospitalising the unfaithful partner and then removing his intravenous drip.

The star sings: "I'm going to leave your heart broken on the floor/ You're gonna be in the emergency room/ I'm standing by your bed/ And so tempted to pull out your IV."

She adds: "Tryin' to call a nurse but nobody can help you now/ Let me see you try to live without me/ Now where's your heartbeat? / Flat line on the ECG".

The track also recounts the moment when the deception is discovered.

She also sings: "I gotta say I found this a bit shockin'/ It's on receipts to tell you went shoppin'/You bought some Nike shoes/ But why you buying stockings?"

Yesterday it was reported the chart-topper has claimed Brown choked her until she was unconscious during the alleged assault.

She has also reportedly alleged her boyfriend threatened to kill her during the attack which, according to reports in US, started after they argued over a flirty text Brown was sent by another woman

A police source said: “Rihanna had seen him flirting with another girl and taking her number. She presumed the text was a booty call from her. It turned into a row which erupted into a fight.”

Gossip website E! reports Rihanna threw Brown's car keys out the window, sending the 19-year-old singer into a rage.

After failing to find the keys, he allegedly returned to the car, put his hands around Rihanna's neck and screamed: "I'm going to kill you."

It is claimed Rihanna lost consciousness and when she came round Brown had fled.

US gossip website TMZ claims Brown hit Rihanna so hard with his fists she "could barely open her eyes for the photos - they were almost completely swollen shut."

TMZ also report she "had a fat lip, her mouth was swollen, her nose was badly bloodied, and she had contusions on her forehead and both sides of her face."

His former step-father has spoken out about the alleged incident, claiming he "wouldn't be surprised" if the singer had assaulted Rihanna.

Donnelle Hawkins, who Brown has accused of abusing his mother, an allegation Hawkins refutes, said: "I wouldn't be surprised. Chris has to take responsibility for his own actions."

Meanwhile, LEONA LEWIS blasted reports that Brown flirted with her at a Grammys party.

Her spokesman said: “Leona was there with her boyfriend.”

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