Mum thumbs up for Li-Lo's girl

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Mum thumbs up for Li-Lo's girl

Post  Scarlet on Mon Jul 28, 2008 5:14 am

LINDSAY LOHAN is over the moon because her mum has finally given her blessing to the lesbian relationship between Li-Lo and SAM RONSON.
Lindsay has been dating Sam, sister of uber-producer MARK, for several months.

But until now DINA LOHAN has been dodging questions about the couple.

Now though, Dina admits that Sam is great for her daughter.

When asked if she approved of the relationship, Dina said: “I love Samantha.

"As long as my daughter is happy and healthy, it is what it is.”

Lindsay is said to be thrilled at her mum’s turnaround.

A source close to DJ Sam said: “Lindsay is blissfully happy with Sam but hearing her mum give her approval is the cherry on the cake.

“She realises now that her mum was hesitant because she thought Sam might break her heart.

“But Dina has really warmed to Sam, and she can see how well Lindsay is right now.

“She is supportive of her - and Lindsay is over the moon.”

Lindsay and Sam have also bought each other matching ‘infinity’ bracelets and necklaces.

The pair each have a Jules Smith Infinity Lock bracelet. They also both have anchor necklaces as a symbol of how they are each other’s 'anchor'.

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