Lindsay has a secret sister

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Lindsay has a secret sister

Post  Scarlet on Tue Jul 15, 2008 10:13 am

LINDSAY LOHAN has a half-sister.

Her dad, MICHAEL revealed at a press conference that he fathered a daughter 13 years ago while he was still married although, at the time, estranged from Lindsay's mum DINA.

He found out while he was serving a two-year prison sentance - which ended in 2007 - for attempted assault and driving while intoxicated, after receiving letters and photos from the girl's mother, KRISTI HORN.

Michael said: "While I was prison, I got a letter, and she said that she had a paternity test with her ex-husband.

"The results were negative with him, and she felt that I was the father. I said, 'Well, why did you wait so long to tell me?'

"She said there were a lot of things going on in her life."

Since then Michael has been writing letters to the girl's mother describing how his illegitimate daughter has a resemblance to Lindsay and her younger brother, CODY.

Financial support

He reportedly called his daughter in June on her 13th birthday and has had many conversations with her - but never seen her face-to-face or offered financial support.

Though the mother feels it's time that changed, adding: "It's time for Michael to take responsibility."

Michael has never spoken about his secret daughter to his other children.

He finally divorced Dina in August after a long-running dispute.

Meanwhile, Lindsay had a visit from rumoured partner SAMANTHA RONSON on the set of her new movie, Labor Pains.

The pair were again not shy in showing the affection for one another, openly holding hands while going for a stroll.

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