Sienna: My burnt boob hell

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Sienna: My burnt boob hell

Post  Scarlet on Mon Jun 30, 2008 4:08 am

SEXY Sienna Miller gets a-breast of the issue on tonight's Friday Night On Jonathan Ross by telling the host about her burnt baps!

The blonde beauty, who recently ended her relationship with Rhys Ifans, told Jonathan that her breast assets got wounded on set of action film GI Joe when she ran the wrong way during a stunt.


Sienna told Jonathan: "I got burnt boobs, I ran the wrong way under an explosion. It was my own fault, I'm clumsy... there's a little scar."

Pretty Sienna was also chatted about nude scenes and said that although it's a bit odd at the time of filming, she's fine with doing them now.

"The damage is done, everything's been seen! It's a little bit awkward at the time... there's the odd perv in the corner."


Watch Sienna chat to Jonathan on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross at 10:35pm tonight BBC One.

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