Lohan's work visit from Sam

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Lohan's work visit from Sam

Post  Scarlet on Thu Jun 26, 2008 3:27 am

LINDSAY LOHAN got a visit at work from her alleged lesbian lover SAMANTHA RONSON this weekend.

The two couldn't be any closer as Samantha popped on to the film set where Lindsay is currently acting in a movie called Labour Pains.

Lindsay showed off her great legs in a pair of tiny short short, while Ronson was in her usual trilby and tight toyboyish jeans and trainers.

The couple have been out for lunch in LA several times over the past, and according to some reports Lindsay has said she wants to marry the lesbian DJ.

Meanwhile, Lindsay continued to cause a stir on set.

After pulling up her top to reveal her gorgeous flat stomach last week, she decided to do much needed pre-scene stretches resting one leg on a rail like a ballerina.

Hmm, I wonder Samantha sees in her?...


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