Kate Moss: Kate Moss has got hair loss

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Kate Moss: Kate Moss has got hair loss

Post  Scarlet on Mon Jun 16, 2008 5:17 am

ITíS one thing to go to Berlin and let your hair down.

But itís a bit extreme to party so hard that your hair actually falls out.

Supermodel KATE MOSS looked stunning at the beginning of the night as she hosted a party to celebrate the launch of her new perfume, Velvet Hour.

But on her way back to her hotel she must have ruffled her tresses a bit too enthusiastically Ė and managed to yank out a hair extension.

And I always thought those luscious locks were all her own.

The lucky snapper who found it on the floor looked over the moon with his find.

Expect the famous hairpiece to make an appearance on eBay any day now.


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