Russell Brand: Russell ponders on The Thinkle

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Russell Brand: Russell ponders on The Thinkle

Post  Scarlet on Mon Jun 16, 2008 4:53 am

BIZARRE shagger of the year RUSSELL BRAND has always had a deep love of Kant.

That’s the 18th century German philosopher, Immanuel Kant, of course.

What else did you think?!

And now Russ is penning a book about philosophy.

So we've mocked up the celebrity swordsman – famed for boasting on TV about his “dinkle” – as 19th-century Frenchman Auguste Rodin’s famed sculpture The Thinker.

Last night Russ told me: “The new book’s philosophy, yes, but more Clarkson than Kierkegaard. I’ll pontificate on subjects as diverse as West Ham, Morrissey and tea-bagging – all of which are potent ontological metaphors.


“If I haven’t solved the riddle of existence by chapter two I shall hurl the manuscript on to Nietzsche’s grave and French-kiss Bertrand Russell’s corpse. And I look forward to serialising it all in Bizarre.”

He has already notched up 600,000 sales for his My Booky Wook – the best celeb autobiography for ages – and is penning his latest work as part of a new £1.8million deal with publisher Harper Collins for TWO more books.

He will juggle the writing with other projects and expects his philosophy tome to take two years.

Russell is halfway through shooting a Disney film with ADAM SANDLER in California and is due back in the UK in a few weeks to work on a charity gig, his radio show and other film and TV projects.

Underneath the clown exterior, eyeliner and back-combed hair lurks a refined mind, though.

He’s a sharp cookie and can change banter to match his company.

He does toilet humour like no other but is equally at home discussing contemplative matters – and is now determined to spread his fondness for abstract thought.

The philosophy book will tackle concepts that have been wrestled with since the dawn of time – and I imagine there’ll be a big bit on the Epicurean school of thinking.

Their ideal was the pursuit of pleasure – which lady-slaying Russ holds dear to his heart.

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